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2: Tips for Bathing Your Dog

Bathing doesn't have to be a struggle. Many dogs we've known never grew to love the bathtub, but we managed to make the bathing routine easier for everyone with just a few simple tricks:

Always make bathtime a positive experience!

Give small training treats while bathing or rub some peanut butter on your tub.

Take baby steps!

Frequent and well-rewarded trips to the tub (even without the water running) will help your dog become accustomed to the idea of bath time.

Save the ears for last!

Many dogs aren't fond of getting their ears wet, particularly the inside. Leave this chore to the end of the bath.

Avoid face and eyes!

Washing this sensitive area can result in a panic and even soap in the eyes. Use a soft tootho to clean your dog's face.

Does your white dog have stains? There's no need to scrub, simply use Doggone White to remove stains safely without harsh soaps or chemicals!

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